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    At first it was only Linda but eventually both of the girls would barge into the bathroom as I showered or was going to the bathroom. I went to the theater to watch the porn, jerk off and hopefully a woman or couple would show up. I quickly Now I get fucked as often as I can. I had fart trouble again so i did to relieve pressure and after about 20 no exaggeration i had this one that lasted quite long and at the end, it shot out a bulk of poo! I finally talked my wife into sucking my cock and man was she good. One of my co-workers, Debbie and I sometimes talk on our break.
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    I love it when old men catcall me. The thought of being fucked by an old man makes me so wet. I've been getting caught up in showing my wife's pics and vids on the cuckold sites. The pics I've shown to basically anyone and and will use 2 screens to show vids on roulette sites. I hate to admit it but I cum very hard with another guy watching her vids and commenting on her.
    gay adult confessions gay adult confessions

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    I think I'm in love with my lesbian best friend's sort of ex-girlfriend. I am deeply in love with my dentist. I really denied it for the last couple of months, but there is no denying it now. My semi annual appointment came up and when I went to the practice I learnt that my old dentist retired and his son took over. Oh my, was I blown away. He has this really intense green eyes that can stare right in your soul.
    gay adult confessions gay adult confessions
    I had just finished college and Mark and had been dating for almost two years now and we had planned on getting married after we graduated. Mark and both come from well to do Family's and we are both now in apposition to follow in their footsteps. Both Mark and I have been popular Awhile ago the wife was helping out a friend who wanted to sell his house. She would go over there on the weekends to show the house to buyers sometimes our friend would show up to see how things were going. My wife started to have an emotional affair with this creep and more, and me being a stupid husband suspected nothing. One day I was
    gay adult confessions gay adult confessions

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    Hey guys, I have a little request to make. A good lady friend of mine has had a bf for almost 2 years now, and last week, she found out her bf had been cheating on her for a lengthy while. Could you do me a favour and send your most hideous dickpics to his mailbox [email protected] Thank you in advance, guys.
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