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    For example, a follow-up of all women identified as HIV-positive through the blood donation services in the US interviewed women, and identified only three who had had sex with women. Yes, female-to-female transmission of HIV is possible and it has happened. What is Lesbian Sex? Another instance of HIV transmission between WSW was reported for a woman aged 20 years with no other risk behaviors who said she had a 2-year relationship and unprotected intercourse with a female partner known to be HIV-infected 2. All persons at risk for HIV, including all discordant couples, should receive information regarding the prevention of HIV and sexually transmitted infections to prevent the HIV-negative partner from acquiring the infection.
    lesbian sex hiv transmission lesbian sex hiv transmission


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    Shirley K. Thornton 1 , Karen J. Johnson 1 , Raouf R. Arafat, MD 1 , M. The case was investigated, and laboratory testing confirmed that the woman with newly diagnosed HIV infection had a virus virtually identical to that of her female partner, who was diagnosed previously with HIV and who had stopped receiving antiretroviral treatment in This report describes this case of HIV infection, likely acquired by female-to-female sexual transmission during the 6-month monogamous relationship of the HIV-discordant couple one negative, one positive. The couple had not received any preventive counseling before acquisition of the virus by the woman who had tested negative for HIV.
    lesbian sex hiv transmission lesbian sex hiv transmission

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    She tested positive before we got together and has always been honest with me about it. I am in love and we practice the safest sex we know, but are frustrated about the facts. I went to get tested I'm neg and the woman at the clinic basically told me that lesbians don't transmit HIV to other women. Am I right to think this is incredably ignorant? There just is not enough information about female partners and HIV. Any advice about what is "safe" and what is not?
    lesbian sex hiv transmission lesbian sex hiv transmission
    An extremely rare case of female-to-female sexual transmission of HIV has been reported in the United States. The report concerns a year-old woman who appears to have acquired HIV during a six-month monogamous HIV serodiscordant sexual relationship with a year-old woman. The newly diagnosed woman had no other risk factors for HIV and phylogenetic analysis revealed that the viruses the two women have are closely related. Confirmed cases of female-to-female transmission of HIV via sexual contact are extremely rare. However, possible modes of female-to-female transmission during sex include exposure to vaginal or other body fluids, blood from menstruation, or blood from damage sustained during rougher sex. A rare instance female-to-female sexual transmission was reported over ten year years ago and was attributed to the sharing of sex toys. The woman who acquired HIV regularly sold plasma to supplement her income and had a negative HIV antibody screen when donating plasma in March
    lesbian sex hiv transmission lesbian sex hiv transmission

    Can Lesbians Get HIV or AIDS?

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